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Sign up for voluntary membership: fill out the membership form at and take your rights out of the hands of the anti-worker forces in our state.
Regular Monthly Meetings
Membership meetings: Second Wednesday of every month at 7 PM at the Madison Labor Temple, 1602 S. Park St. A Spanish translator is available at membership meetings. Other translators are available with advance notice. For more information please call the Local 171 office 232-9393.

Miembros: Los miembros se reúnen el segundo miércoles de cada mes a las 7 PM en el Madison Labor Temple, 1602 S. Park St. Interpretación en Español estara disponible en las reunions. Para más información comuniquese con la oficina del Local 171 al 232-9393.

Executive Board meetings: Second and fourth Monday of the Month, 6:30 PM at the Local 171 office, room 220, Madison Labor Temple, 1602 S. Park St.  

Junta Directiva: La junta directiva se reúne el segudo y cuarto lunes del mes a las 6:30 PM en Labor Temple, 1602 S. Park St.

Stewards Meetings: First Thursday of every month, at 6:30 PM, at the Local 171 office in the Madison Labor Temple.

For Other meeting listings, see the Calendar Page.
Labor Management Meetings
What is a Labor Management Meeting?
And what does it have to do with me?

Questions and concerns of both labor and management are discussed in the Labor Management meetings. Some recent topics that have been brought up are direct deposit, uniforms, scheduling, contracting out, inadequate staffing, and safety issues.

Any union member can submit a question for the meeting. We are allowed to have five Blue Collar,  three Security, and three Technical employees in pay status at the meeting, as long as the total number does not exceed twelve people.

If you have a question to submit or wish to come to a meeting, talk to your steward, or call the Union office at 232-9393.
Can't attend Union meetings because of your work schedule?
With the cancellation of our contract we are no longer allowed to take union leave without pay to attend union meetings. We hold two membership meetings to accommodate the different work schedules of our members.  If you are unable to attend union meetings but would like to meet with a union representative please contact the office (232- 9393) and we will try to set up a meeting for you with a union steward outside of work time.  

Unions work because there is strength in numbers. Everybody who can get involved in some way makes us stronger and gives us a louder voice come bargaining time.