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As you may know, following the passage and implementation of Act 10 in March of 2011, your union dues are no longer deducted from your paycheck. Some of your co-workers have opted to pay their dues directly to the union, which has allowed us to continue to operate.

The Local  maintains an office, where we get phone calls every day from UW employees who are having problems at work and need representation and information. We are representing your co-workers in Pre-disciplinary meetings and filing grievances. We have stewards who know about the challenges facing employees in many UW workplaces and who will represent your interests in any dispute with management.

We elect Local leadership by a vote of the membership. We hold membership meetings once a month, open to all (third Wednesday of every month, 7 PM, at the Madison Labor Temple). Bi-weekly membership dues for those earning $13/hour or less are $16 per pay period and $18 per pay period for those earning more than $13 per hour. Dues can be paid via EFT from your checking account, credit card, or using your bank's online bill paying feature. (If you have any questions, please call the Local office, 232-9339)

Local members are representing you, the UW employee, on UW committees, Task Forces, and at Labor/Management meetings, so that your rights and interests as an employee are not overlooked.  Even if you are not currently experiencing problems in your workplace, you know that things could change very quickly. To ensure that Local 171 is there when you need it, please Join the Fight to Protect Your Rights!